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Help Get Out the Vote!

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We’re confident that JONAH Journal readers are also regular voters. However, it’s important to convince others to vote. As you are persuading others to vote (not who to vote for; just to VOTE) here’s some information you may want to share.

When do we need to register by?

You can register any time before the day of elections and also on election day. It’s the same thing for primaries.

Where can we register?

You can register at the municipality where you live. If you live in the city of Eau Claire you can find where your municipality is at If you are a student at the university then you can register (and vote) at the Davies Center.

Are there other ways of registering (like online) or does it have to be in person?

You have to register with the municipal clerk.

What do we need to bring with us in order to register?

You need to have a proof of residence document with your current name and current address on it. It can be something like a utility bill or cellphone bill. If you are a student you can go to the university and print out a voter verification document. In order to get a ballot you also need a photo I.D., such as, a driver’s license or passport.

What if you’re not a Wisconsin resident (such as a college student) or you’ve just moved to Wisconsin from another state?

If you just moved to Wisconsin from another state you can go to the DMV to get a free Wisconsin photo I.D. If you are a student from another state who is attending the university you can to student services to get a voter I.D.

What is the process to register like?

Once you show all your documents to the municipal clerk they will give you an application to fill out and then you’re done. If you have all your information, the process won’t take long at all.

What time of day is best to go?

The sooner you go in the better. That way, if you forget a document that you need then you have to to go home and get it.

What should I bring on election day?

Once you are registered all you will need to bring to the polls is a photo I.D. If you are not registered, see the questions above to learn what you’ll need to bring in order to register.