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Affordable Housing


No one left behind.

History: Our Task Force was founded by Paul Savides, June 18, 2018.


Susan Wolfgram (

Judi Moseley (

Meeting Time & Place:

We meet the 1st Thursday of the month, 5:30-7pm, at First Congregational UCC,

310 Broadway, Eau Claire.

  • Interested in joining: Please contact Susan or Judi with your interest.

JONAH Affordable Housing Task Force

                      Mission Statement & Goals and Objectives

MISSION: The mission of the JONAH Affordable Housing Task Force is to facilitate culture change in Eau Claire City and County so that all stakeholders are informed about the lack of safe, good quality, affordable housing and are motivated to take actions to address it through public and private initiatives.

GOALS(Roman Numerals) AND OBJECTIVES (uppercase letters). Actions are listed in our annual action work plan, and in our monthly meeting agenda.

I. Develop a network of partners to address the issue of affordable housing.

      A.Identify and contact individuals and organizations that are already involved in affordable housing issues and invite them to be included in our network.

       B. Identify additional “non-traditional” individuals and organizations that would be beneficial as members of our network; reach out to them, educate them on the issue and the role they could play, and provide opportunities for them to be involved in affordable housing efforts.

       C.Develop and implement a means of keeping this network informed and engaged.

II. In collaboration with partners, educate the public and policy makers about affordably housing issues.

A. Identify key messages and audiences and develop educational materials/programs and a plan to share them.

B. Maintain awareness of when education and/or input by the JAHTF to public officials will be beneficial and develop strategies to provide that education and input.

C. Increase affordable housing awareness in the community at large.

III. In collaboration with partners, identify barriers to increasing affordable housing, and propose and advocate for policies and practices to reduce or eliminate those barriers.

         A. Identify changes in public policy that could help address the affordable housing issue.

         B. Train ourselves and others to be effective advocates.

         C. Advocate for the desired policy changes at the city, county,state and federal level.

         D. Identify issues and develop strategies that do not require a public policy change to address barriers to development of affordable housing I


  IV.  Organize and empower “high risk” tenants to advocate for themselves and their needs.

         A. Connect with AH tenants who have“lived experience”. Assist them in identifying their needs and planning self-advocacy strategies, provide them with training opportunities and resources.

         B. Teach tenant rights in a range of venues: Individuals, small groups, neighborhood associations, church groups,etc.

         C. Inform persons in need about available resources within the community.