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Internal Teams

JONAH Communication Team (JCT)
The JONAH Communication Team (JCT) strives to keep communications current, accurate and transparent to an internal and an external audience. This includes: the JONAH Executive Board, JONAH Board of Directors, and all JONAH members. Understanding that communication takes different forms, the JCT will create and manage a JONAH website – –, a monthly/bimonthly newsletter, and other communication mediums as appropriate. Furthermore, the JCT will create a JONAH “brand” by providing all communications with a similar look and feel. On a regular basis, the JCT will survey JONAH members to gain input on what is working and what needs changing in the JONAH communications.

  • To accomplish its purpose, in 2015 the JCT will
  • Work with an outside consultant to redesign the JONAH website (1st quarter)
  • Map out the channels by which a webmaster receives information for updating the website (1st quarter) –
  • Name a webmaster and provide the webmaster with an editing schedule (1st quarter)
  • Redesign other JONAH communication to give a consistent look and feel to all JONAH communications (2nd quarter)
  • Establish formal style guidelines for JONAH publications (3rd quarter)
  • Garner feedback from all JONAH members on how informed they feel about JONAH (4th quarter)

Leadership Development Team
JONAH will continue to grow and be effective as long as we continue to identify and train new leaders and help current JONAH leaders to move up the ladder by developing and refining their relationship-building and organizing skills. The JONAH Leadership Development Team will seek to identify leaders from within and without the organization, work with current leaders, and provide and/or promote training opportunities to prepare or leaders to do the justice work of JONAH.

  • Maintain an up-to-date calendar of training opportunities – local, state wide, and national – and advertise and promote them through the JONAH calendar, website, and Face Book page and through flyers, bulletin inserts, and e-blasts.
  • Organize or assist in organizing the following local trainings: Building Relationships through One-to-ones, Holding Effective Meetings, Building and Strengthening Core Teams, Two-Day EXPO (Ex-Prisoners Organizing) Training.
  • Identify and proposition up to five people to attend Gamaliel Weeklong Leadership Training.

Faithful Stewardship Team (FST)
Together we work to transform our community and the world into a place that is fair and equitable for all people. We envision a world in which all people, sharing the world’s goods, can flourish. To advance our common hope we gather, train, and organize people. We also gather and organize our resources, including money, toward our goal of advancing hope.

Working for justice requires many kinds of financial support. Among these are grants, major gifts, regular member giving, occasional giving by the community, and broader community support through the JONAH yearbook, yearly celebrations, sustainer events, and special solicitations.

The Faithful Stewardship Team will help coordinate fundraising events as well as maintain and cultivate financial support for our work together.

The team will take the lead on building and organizing a strong base of individual sustaining members whose regular gifts help JONAH become and be sustainable over the long haul.

We view fundraising as an opportunity to build relationships and broaden the passion for justice in the Chippewa Valley and beyond.
The FST will:

  • Recruit a committee consisting of a chairperson, treasurer, organizer, and other members
  • Develop a plan to build relationships and cultivate our donor base
  • Formulate a Fundraising Calendar that will provide adequate funding and a more even cash flow.