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Action Alerts!

As of July 3, 2020


In response to the impact of the pandemic and how it deepened the grooves of injustices already in our communities, JONAH created a meme series with specific problems and associated actions. Most of them involve contacting your legislator – contact us if you need help or need more information. Know that saying something is better than saying nothing. Help us remember what we’ve learned by taking actions on these issues:

Here is the link to all the memes with their corresponding issue:

Here is a list of the ACTIONS (by Issue)!

Affordable Housing

  1. Practice Compassion
  2. Support an Eau Claire Tenant Resource Center
  3. Demand more affordable housing units in your community
  4. Demand a state living-wage law
  5. Ask state government to extend the moratorium on evictions

Child Poverty

  1. Demand subsidized quality childcare
  2. Demand more state financial support for teachers
  3. Make broadband a public utility

Criminal Justice Reform

  1. Demand the release of eligible individuals from prison
  2. Demand alternatives to incarceration
  3. Ask the DOC to continue with no unnecessary arrests and improve health conditions in the jails


  1. Commit to driving less
  2. Buy local food and push for support of small farms


  1. Demand Immigration Reform
  2. Donate to the Neighbor-to-Neighborhood Immigrant Relief Fund


  1. Save money – drive less and ride the bus


  1. Demand healthcare equity
  2. Urge your state representatives to accept federal Medicaid dollars
  3. Urge your state representatives to expand Badgercare eligibility
  4. Tell OSHA to enforce state federal laws

ACTION ALERT #2. COVID-19 Decarceration

  1. Ask Governor Evers to grant clemency to everyone over the age of 55 who has served more than 25 years, let him know you support him using his power to grant medical furloughs, reprieves or clemency to decarcerate the most vulnerable from our prisons as the CDC recommends considerations for persons at higher risk of severe disease from COVID-19. Call Governor Evers: Madison Office:  1(608) 266-1212 Email:
  2. Ask WI DOC Parole Commission Chairman John Tate II to release WI’s 3000 Old Law Parolee’s, let him know you also support the release of anyone in the WI prison system who is parole eligible who currently has less than one year left on their sentence to help achieve the CDC’s recommendation that social distancing strategies be used to increase space between individuals in WI facilities. Email: or Phone: (608) 240-7280
  3. The State is Responsible for flattening the curve in our jails and prisons and they are failing! Call your State Representative and State Senator and tell them about the powers that the WI Governor, the WI DOC Secretary, the WI Parole Chairman and the WI Circuit Courts have to RELEASE people from WI prisons.

ACTION ALERT #3 – COVID-19 Immigration Support

Call Robert Guadian, Chicago Regional ICE Director at (312)347-2400 or Email: to protect COVID-19 from spreading in the detention centers.

What can I say?: “Hi, my name is [NAME] and I am a resident of [CITY]. I am a member of [your affiliate]. I want to leave a message for the Regional ICE Director, Robert Guadian.”

“I’m calling because I am extremely concerned about the impact which COVID-19 will have on people detained at the Dodge and Kenosha Detention Centers in Wisconsin. In the past, serious diseases have spread in detention centers across the country. Because of overcrowding in detention centers detainees are unable to practice social distancing becoming one of the easiest places for Covid 19 to spread. Detainees with medical conditions, women and children are especially vulnerable in these dangerous and overcrowded facilities.The response provided has been inadequate, frequently resulting in serious harm and even deaths. The coronavirus has now reached pandemic level and cases of Covid-19 have been detected in several immigration detention centers. Every day that immigrants remain detained poses a serious health threat to their safety. I am demanding the immediate release of all immigrants currently detained at Dodge Detention Center in Juneau, WI and the Kenosha Detention Center in Kenosha,WI. Can we count on ICE to do the right thing to prevent deaths and further contagion? Will you release the people detained at the Dodge and Kenosha facilities?” Share with 5 others in your circle so they can make the call too!

Action Alert #4 – General Actions

  • Complete the 2020 Census!
  • VOTE in November – get your mail-in ballot NOW!
  • Sign-up for our email list (top right corner at
  • Join a task force! – Affordable Housing, Child Poverty, Criminal Justice, Environment, Immigration, Transit – visit the task forces pages on our website for more information.
  • Build Power! Attend Leadership Training – contact us to learn more.