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Why Wisconsin Needs ROC Wisconsin

Since 1990, Wisconsin’s prison population has more than tripled. Wisconsin has the nation’s highest rate of incarceration of African American and Native American men. Each year Wisconsin spends over $1.3 billion to help fund the Department of Corrections’ budget. ROC Wisconsin believes that the people of Wisconsin would rather use our resources to heal, build, and restore people, families, and communities.

Restoring Our Communities Wisconsin (ROC Wisconsin) is an ongoing project of WISDOM. ROC Wisconsin focuses on:

  • restoring communities that have been harmed by mass incarceration;
  • restoring families to wholeness and health;
  • restoring balance, fiscal discipline and humane priorities to our state’s criminal justice system;
  • restoring people to mental and physical health through increased treatment alternatives to incarceration, decreased use of solitary confinement, and giving better support for those who return from jail or prison;
  • and restoring men and women who do not need to be incarcerated back into the community.

There are many ways that you can be a part of the ROC Wisconsin campaign. You can

  • visit their website to learn more about the campaign. To be able to receive updates on what ROC Wisconsin is doing you can call 414.831.2070 or e-mail
  • ask for a ROC leader to present to your organization, congregation, group or class about the campaign. Mark Ruddy ( of JONAH’s Criminal Justice Reform Task Force) who you can reach at is willing to give a presentation.
  • make a donation to help fund ROC Wisconsin materials and provide scholarships for training and events.
  • encourage people with conviction histories to attend leadership training.
  • create and support a local ROC Wisconsin work group, be apart of local forums, visit elected officials, etc.
  • pray for our leaders, that they might have wisdom and prudence; and pray for the people of Wisconsin that we might have the courage and energy to demand important changes.