Legacy Giving

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With introduction by Sandra McKinney, JONAH President

Legacy; Webster defines it as “a gift by will especially of money or other personal property.” Some of us define legacy as leaving a footprint of knowing those passions we gave our time, attention and, yes, money to while we walked this earth made a difference. Many of us dedicated to the work of JONAH hope our work has not been in vain when our time on this earth is complete. A wonderful way for that legacy to continue is to make a donation, listed in our wills, of a dollar amount to be contributed following our death. Another way is to list JONAH as a recipient in your obituary so others might make a contribution in your name. Our legacies do live on in minds and hearts–and in the resources always needed to continue the work of social justice.

One of JONAH’s legacy donors includes Mattie Hersrud. In the following paragraphs, Mattie’s daughter Marnie talks about her mother’s life and why legacy giving is so important.

“My Mom, Mattie Hersrud, was not only an amazing, accomplished woman, but she was a role model for volunteerism and financial support of her church and favorite charities.  In 2017 Mom moved to Eau Claire from her retirement home in Florida and one of her first JONAH experiences was the annual meeting and fundraiser.  Mom was so impressed with the concept of JONAH and the number of faith organizations that had joined its efforts.  She also heard about JONAH when she joined First Congregational Church and attended services with me at Unity Christ Center.

Mom easily discussed her thoughts on her death and what she wanted to leave to her four children and favorite organizations.  When we wrote her obituary following her death on 9/20/2019, we acknowledged two of those charities for memorial gifts and added JONAH, knowing that she would want us to support a local organization.  I was stunned by the number of people who either designated JONAH or sent cash gifts in her name!  Because Mom valued education and life-long learning, I’ve asked JONAH to designate these memorials to the education fund to support volunteer/staff training and education needs.  I write this to encourage JONAH supporters to consider naming JONAH in your estate planning and communicating your desire to your family and friends.” – Marnie Hersrud

If you are interested in pursuing ways to carry on your legacy through JONAH, please contact us.