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JONAH: In Our Own Words

Since 2007, JONAH has been working with people, agencies and organizations to help make our communities healthier, safer and better places for everyone to live and work. We believe that our work is about building community and building capacity to address root causes of poverty and injustice. We come together for this important and public work because when every one person does better, everyone does better.

Where we’ve been most successful, a couple of essential conditions have been met:

  • Organic – Issues or initiatives determined and embraced locally
  • Leader-Led – People or constituencies most affected by the issue (those with ‘real world’ experience) are at the center of the effort
  • Empowerment – Actions have been driven by a trained & well-equipped team of leaders
  • Relational – There has been an ongoing commitment to relationship development and building strategic public partnerships, alliances and partnerships

The pursuit of justice has brought together many people who might not otherwise mix to try to answer questions of how we are called to respond to really BIG systemic issues like poverty, environment, immigration, health, transit and criminal justice reform. A significant and ongoing challenge for us is finding ways to take meaningful action that will begin to mitigate disparities and move us closer to our vision of health, shared prosperity for all.

JONAH is intentionally non-partisan, and known for organizing public conversations about things that matter to people that are both civic and civil. Historically, JONAH has scored successes or sought significant change to our criminal justice system, recycling practices, predatory payday lending, and many aspects of faithful economics. We seek continually to forge new and strengthen relationships with existing public structures like schools, government public health and labor.

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