No Mow May Resources

Chippewa Valley 2023

Resources to help you help our native pollinators:

Native Pollinator Books:

  • Protecting Pollinators: How to Save the Creatures that Feed Our World, Jodi Helmer
  • Pollinators of Native Plants: Attract, Observe and Identify Pollinators and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants, Heather N. Holm 
  • Pollinators and Pollination: Nature and Society Paperback, Jeff Ollerton
  • Pollination: The Enduring Relationship Between Plant and Pollinator, Timothy Walker
  • Know Your Pollinators: 40 Common Pollinating Insects including Bees, Wasps, Flower Flies, Butterflies, Moths, & Beetles, with Appearance, Behavior, & How to Attract Them to Your Garden, Tim Harris

Who We Are: Chippewa Valley Pollinator Partnership is a collaboration of many organizations within Eau Claire and beyond working to support our pollinators, including JONAH, Beaver Creek Reserve, the CV Sierra Club, EC Master Gardeners, the EC Garden Club, EC County Sustainability Coordinator, EC City Sustainability Advisory Board, Wisconsin Natural Resources Conservation Service Pollinator Liaison, the National Pollinator Partnership, and others.