Child Poverty

The problem JONAH sees: Poverty is a nationwide issue, and the poverty experienced by children in the US is particularly disturbing in the state of Wisconsin where the racial disparity for children in poverty is greater than any other state.

Mission: To build support the state-wide End Child Poverty campaign by raising awareness of the crisis of child poverty and its adult outcomes in Wisconsin and garner public support and pressure for evidence-based solutions locally and state-wise

Accomplishments Highlights: 

  • The collection of over 400 signatures in support of the state-wide End Child Poverty campaign petition asking legislators directly to use evidence-base solutions to cut both Wisconsin’s child poverty rate and the racial disparity associated with child poverty in half in the next decade.
  • Successfully lobbying for and supporting the passage of official Eau Claire County Board and Eau Claire County Human Services Board Resolutions in support of the state-wide End Child Poverty campaign.
  • Orchestrating presentations on the research and Federal recommendations for poverty to a variety of groups and stakeholders including: The League of Women Voters of Ashland and Bayfield Counties, Spirit Lutheran Church, WI Legslative Budget Committee, Gov. Tony Evers at a listening session at CVTC, and St. James Catholic Church.
  • Education outreach efforts including earning news coverage in Chippewa Valley Family, Chippewa Valley Post, and Bottom Line (Bayfield/Ashland Counties) a mass distribution of fliers on ending child poverty across the Chippewa Valley.
  • Collection of first-hand testimonials from affected people in our community to promote awareness of how the problem of child poverty impacts our real neighbors and community members.
  • Formed a coalition with Kids First and Citizen Action.

Meeting Time + Location: Monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 4:30pm via Zoom.

To participate or connect with our chair, contact John Wagner at [email protected].