Immigration Task Force

The Problem JONAH Sees: At both the federal and state levels the laws and systems in place disadvantage community members who are not native born.  That includes policies from restricting access to drivers licenses and employment to family separation, detention, and deportation.

The fear and potential abuse that thrives under these unjust policies casts a shadow over our nation and in our city. When we shine a light on the talents, gifts, and contributions those in this shadow, we create a more resilient, more vibrant community.

Our Mission: To build a community that advocates with our neighbors as we campaign for a more just immigration system.

Accomplishments Highlights: 

  • Successfully, Continue hosting the Mexican Consulate.
  • Continue to encourage legislation for Driver’s Cards for undocumented immigrants and advocate for just immigration laws in our nation and state.

Meeting Time & Date: Monthly every 3rd Monday at 4:30pm via Zoom.

To join our Immigration Task Force or to connect with our chair on questions, please contact: Ray Koch [email protected].