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Author: Lynn Buske

Religious Leader Perspective: Justice and Poverty

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By Christine Warlowski, St James

Justice is such a formational part of nearly every world religion. In Christian scripture (and most other religions), the demand is clear that we take care of the vulnerable among us – the poor, the widow (left defenseless without a husband) and the orphan. The prophets through to Jesus tell us in no uncertain terms that worship without care for those in need is not worship at all. Read More…

JONAH Reflections on a COVID Year

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By Donna Raleigh

Soon after COVID started, JONAH Organizer, Lynn Buske, created the JONAH COVID Advisory Task Force to share ideas on JONAH’s role in the time of COVID. Recently, the task force reflected on what has been learned, what has been done, and how JONAH can be the bridge as we move forward. Here is a summary of that reflection. Read More…

Madison Action Day Perspective

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By Krista Cleary

Over here in River Falls, WI, I feel like a lone outpost of the Jonah affiliate, one the western edge of the state. Jonah folks have always included and welcomed me, and for that I am grateful. 

I’ve missed the in-person gatherings and events with JONAH and WISDOM and EXPO over the past year since the pandemic started, Read More…