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Author: Lynn Buske

Organizing Terminology: Agitation

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By Lynn Buske, JONAH Organizer

Many of our followers, no matter how long they’ve been part of JONAH, aren’t familiar with our organizing techniques and terminology simply because we don’t talk about them enough. A new addition to our JONAH Journal will be short snippets to help you understand more about our organizing model.

In the last newsletter we talked about self-interest: finding how you, Read More…

Social Justice From a Faith Leader Perspective

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While we all come to JONAH with shared values around compassion, inclusion, justice, equity, sustainability we individually bring our own faith perspectives to the work. We have much to learn from each other in our differences.

By Jacky Miller

As a Catholic, Christian Faith Leader, I embrace Social Justice that is grounded in scripture—drawing from the Hebrew prophets and in the person and teachings of Jesus. Read More…

Vote for Clean Water April 5th

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By Nancy Coffey, Environmental Task Force Member and County Supervisor

The JONAH Environmental Task Force looks at how our values lead us to tend to the environment and make a difference locally, provides public education on various topics around the environment, works with congregations and community groups to work on needed areas, support others efforts, build collaboration and relationship, Read More…