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Author: Lynn Buske

Everything you need to know about Madison Action Day 2021

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(last updated 2.10.21)

Save the Date and How it Will Work

Madison Action Day is the day, every two years when the state budget is being written, that all the WISDOM affiliates gather in Madison to get rallied around our issues and talk with our local legislators about our concerns – how our issues show up in the state budget. Read More…

Overcoming Division

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This was originally a sermon given at First Presbyterian Church on January 31, 2021 by Lynn Buske.

I am a Community Organizer for JONAH – an interfaith organization that does grassroots organizing to address root cause of social injustice. I am in this work because my faith values compel me to make a difference in my community and my philosophy background often has my thoughts swarming to seek understanding. Read More…

Video – Building Relationship

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Building authentic relationships is the cornerstone of JONAH’s organizing work and we believe it is the key to the beloved community for all. We worked with Micah and Genevieve of SoulShine Photography in late summer of 2020 on an episode of their series “Walk About Talk About” to discuss what does building relationship look like and why it’s important. Read More…