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Author: Lynn Buske

Madison Action Day Perspective

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By Krista Cleary

Over here in River Falls, WI, I feel like a lone outpost of the Jonah affiliate, one the western edge of the state. Jonah folks have always included and welcomed me, and for that I am grateful. 

I’ve missed the in-person gatherings and events with JONAH and WISDOM and EXPO over the past year since the pandemic started, Read More…

Current Child Poverty Information

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By Chris Hambuch-Boyle

Child Poverty is finally in the forefront of the news and legislation.  For so long the conversation has been around the economy and the workforce with very little mention of children in poverty.  It is time that all look in the mirror and take on the responsibility to change the dialogue.  Conversations should focus on how to eradicate child poverty levels in our country and in our state. Read More…

Earth Day Reflection: State Budget Testimony on Composting

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By Sue Waits

As co-organizer for the JONAH Environmental Task Force I am excited to hear about all the local and state initiatives to address Climate Change. But I am frustrated that we aren’t doing more right now! I am here to recommend something that we could implement today that is simple, and doesn’t require major infrastructure changes. Read More…