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Author: Lynn Buske

Reflection Upon Arriving Home from a Vigil

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By Robbie Joern

The crowd at the vigil for Ukraine was quite large, and, while several people there were friends, many were new to me.  I wish we could have shared contact information with each other, but that takes away from the whole theme of the gathering.

I had a little trouble trying to explain to Ben, Read More…

Voting & Cultural Differences Article 

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By Perla Martinez, JONAH Communications and WISDOM RVP Organizer

Working with WISDOM and JONAH with IVE (Integrated Voter Engagement) & RVP (Relational Voter Program) I have learned that a lot of people have lost hope in our voting process. Our democracy feels like a joke. Many are not being informed on how it operates. There are a select few who are making all of the decisions on how we live because the government isn’t being transparent or encouraging input in the democratic process. Read More…

Can Composting Save the Landfill?

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By Megan Schaefer, JONAH Intern

My name is Megan Schaefer, and I am an intern with JONAH. I am currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In my time here, I am hoping to gain a greater understanding of JONAH’s mission and the work that is done through the organization for the community. I plan to assist JONAH in accomplishing that mission through writing and communication this spring. Read More…