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Author: Lynn Buske

Bolton Refuge House and JONAH

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By Katelyn Wonderlin

When I first moved to Wisconsin I had no idea what I was getting myself into. To start with, I was certainly unprepared for the winter. You would think having come from Illinois, another midwestern state, I would already understand how harsh winter could be. I am here today to tell you, moving 6 hours more north makes a world of difference. Read More…

Criminal Justice Task Force Efforts to Reduce Access to Drug Paraphernalia

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by Jackie Christner

After a long hiatus, JONAH’s Criminal Justice Task Force has renewed energy under the guidance of Chairman Anthony Ledford. He has assembled a diverse group of workers to focus on doable projects to stem the epidemic of Methamphetamine and heroin use in western Wisconsin, especially in and around the Eau Claire area. JONAH has worked in the past to increase treatment and alternatives to incarceration for those suffering from addiction and/or mental illness. Read More…

COVID-9 Vaccinations: A Little Help For Our Neighbors

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By Gloria Godchaux

I consider myself an okay computer user. I can navigate fairly well in researching information, scrolling through my Facebook account, receiving and sending emails, and texting my family.  Plus, I am very fluent in the English language because it is my first language.  However, trying to figure out how to make a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, Read More…