JONAH’s Rural Outreach Work – 3 Phases Completed

Thanks to funding from our parent organization WISDOM, for the last year and a half or so, JONAH has been connecting with residents, congregations, organizations and leaders in rural communities to hear from them and invite them into this work.

The first phase was Sept-Nov 2022 was where we learned what our goals were, which communities were in greatest need of this connection, and what the possibilities might be. It was heavy on canvassing and one-to-ones with individuals.

Phase 2 went through April 7 of 2023, and focused on continued one-to-one outreach, several events/meetings/trainings, an election focus, presentations, and further planning.

From April-Nov 2023 Phase 3 focused mostly on sustaining the relationships we created, supporting rural groups, planning and implementing a large training conference of rural leaders in Stanley, fundraising, and integrating rural outreach into all of JONAH’s efforts.

Read the three reports below!