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Author: Lynn Buske

The JONAH Affordable Housing Task Force says “Yes!” to YIMBY

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By Judi Moseley – Co-Chair

NIMBY is an acronym that stands for Not In My Backyard. It is a response that we see frequently when affordable housing proposals are made to Plan Commission or City Councils. Single Family homeowners often object to multifamily housing being brought to their neighborhoods because they believe it will change the nature of their neighborhood. Read More…

The JONAH 2020 Yearbook!

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The 2020 yearbook for JONAH is now available! Thank you to all who contributed to its creation, for all of your support throughout this, and every other, year!

If you would like a hardcopy of this book, or several to distribute, please email us at

Click on the image below to view the yearbook!

To see archived yearbooks, Read More…

COVID-19 Community Survey Results

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JONAH has released our report of the analyzed results of the survey we put out earlier this year hearing from area residents on how COVID-19 has impacted their lives.

The report summarized results from a community survey that asked residents in the tri-county area (Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire counties) about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives, Read More…