JONAH Hiring 2 PT Temporary Positions by September 1!

JONAH Rural Outreach Project – Job Posting

Overview: Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope (JONAH, Inc.) exists to deepen relationships within and among faith communities and partner organizations to empower people in addressing the root causes of social injustice in the greater community. Community organizing work means being a resource to encourage collaborative discussion on difficult issues and across divides, advocate for radical inclusivity, and lift up residents to be leaders in social change through training and mentorship. 

Between September 1 and December 1, 2022 JONAH is working on a rural outreach project, thanks to grant funds from our parent organization This project involves doing intentional outreach to congregations of all faith traditions outside of the city of Eau Claire, particularly in rural communities, to inform those congregations about JONAH, how JONAH can be a resource for them, and to offer an open invitation to join our interfaith organization. We hope to connect with the issues of these communities through the congregations through listening sessions and door to door canvassing to hear what they are concerned about, let them know about JONAH, and see if they have questions on voting access – as voting is the most direct way to impact issues people are concerned about. 

JONAH is hiring two part time Rural Outreach Coordinators positions to build a team to lead this work.

These two individuals will work with the JONAH Organizer as a team to strategize our campaign, find volunteers for individual portions, connect with partners to expand our efforts, and work together to reach our goals. The main mission of the project is to hear rural voices and understand role churches feel they have, which we will achieve by:1) identifying and prioritizing interested congregations and communities, and 2) learning how these communities network, the role of congregations in the community, and the issues residents are concerned about, 3) checking in on voter needs. 

These are part-time, temporary, non-exempt positions. There may be the possibility of continuing should the work prove successful. Reporting and evaluations will be an essential component.

Goals and Responsibilities of the Team:

  • Prioritize congregations and communities in the area
  • Connect with individuals in churches
  • Discover the role churches play in their communities and the concerns they have
  • Engage partners in this effort
  • Arrange listening sessions
  • Organize canvassing teams to learn what rural residents are concerned about
  • Come up with canvassing plan
  • Canvass with a team in rural communities
  • Create canvassing materials and utilize existing ones 
  • Attend applicable training
  • Report and evaluate all activities


  • Self-initiative, ability to work independently
  • Set up a time-lined plan and follow it
  • Ability to take input from others and work as a team
  • Good communication skills, particularly public speaking
  • Passion about the project and social justice


  • Canvassing experience
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Experience with organizing work
  • Computer skills
  • Bachelors degree 
  • Understanding of life in a rural community
  • Background in working or volunteering in faith group

Work Type and Salary: Average 20 hours a week per team member from September 1 through December 1, 2022. The work described above is divided among the team of three (two positions plus Organizer). Minimum of 10 hours a week, up to 300 hours in 3 months per team member; flexible. $20/hour

JONAH Diversity Statement: We, who believe in the infinite dignity and worth of every human life and celebrate diversity, affirm the following, and as policy do not discriminate as such: People of all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, educational backgrounds, marital status, physical or mental abilities, theological perspectives, political perspectives, and economic conditions belong in the activities of JONAH and are welcomed with open arms. We commit to finding ways to be more inclusive by strengthening our practice of acceptance and equity for all. 

How to apply: Send cover letter and resume to [email protected] by August 26, 2022.

More information: Visit or call Lynn Buske with questions 715-497-8732.