Stay caught up on what our task forces are doing!

For more information on any of these activities, please contact the task force chairs directly!

Our Transit Alliance task force continues to advocate for public transit needs as a part of conversations around transportation, from local EC Transit to the West Central Rail Coalition on the state level. To join our Transportation Committee, please contact [email protected].

The Mental Health Group: David Stanley from Milkweed Alliance (peer support agency with 24 hour warmline and space for people in crisis) spoke about their programs and how we can support them. They continue their work plan for the public launch of the bandana project. Members recently spoke at County Board Budget Hearings against removing funds from Human Services programs. Contact [email protected] to attend.

The Immigration Task Force had a number of social events over the summer to build relationships and awareness of immigrant needs. One of these events being, the hosting of the Mexican Consulate. What is the Mexican mobile consulate? It is so people from Mexico can get their identification cards, voting cards, passports (from their country), and a matricula ( which is an ID for residents residing outside of their country.) They are also able to ask for a copy of their birth certificate, marriage certificate, for themselves and/or family members. This year, they also partnered up with a medical partner to check blood pressure and advise about other medical issues. They also asked local bankers from Wells Fargo to come answer any questions. They had a couple of approved immigration attorneys present so people could ask questions. As a host, they offered hospitality (cookies and coffee) and had UWEC Spanish major students do child care while their parents waited in line. They also had community groups present like Chippewa Valley Literacy, Eau Claire County Health, the Free Clinic.  There was free produce for people to take home and other items from Feed My people. If all goes well, they hope to go back to a larger event next September. Besides bringing this marvelous service to Eau Claire, they have had conversations with sheriffs about driver’s licenses and IDs for immigrants and they continue to work closely with refugee efforts. Contact [email protected] for more information

The Environmental Task Force has scheduled the Earth Week Forum, sponsored by the JONAH ETF for Thursday April 20th at the Brewing Projekt. Stay tuned for more announcements. There is a movement to encourage a “No Mow May” in the city of Eau Claire, but there is a discussion as to if people would be more receptive to “Less Mow May.” The idea behind “No Mow May” is to leave your lawn alone for the month of May. This allows lawn flowers to bloom and feed hungry native bees emerging from hibernation when other flowers are scarce. Lastly, the Unitarian Universalist congregation is hosting a forum on December 15 based on the book, Unplugging the Christmas Machine. Contact Sue Waits, [email protected] for more information. 

The CV Justice Action Team is working with the UWEC art department to tell stories of reentry shared from members of EXPO through visual arts. Contact Tom Wirth, [email protected]

The Warming/Cooling Center has a new name: The Community Haven House.  It offcially opened on November 1st and is the temporary space for our unhoused neighbors until the Day Resource Center (DRC) is operational, targeted for November of 2025. Task Force members were active on the DRC Steering Committee which has now disbanded and is evolving into a 501c3. The Task Forcecontinues to develop the Tenant Landlord Resource Center – website is almost complete and then next steps include hiring a coordinator and offering mediation services. Task Force members met with Mayo leadership and sent out a press release in opposition to the closing of the Luther Lakeside Apartments hoping to preserve the low-income HUD units for seniors and our disabled neighbors. There was some media coverage and an article by the Chippewa Valley Post; however, Mayo continues to move forward with the closure. After advocating for Tyler Warner and the Capital Group’s WHEDA project in the Cannery, the Current, Susan and Judi were invited this fall by Tyler to speak during the groundbreaking ceremony for Phase Two which is all low-income. The Affordable Housing Task Force continues to advocate for affordable housing for all of our neighbors. For up-to- date information, visit their Facebook Page: Contact Susan Wolfgram, [email protected]

Child poverty: An important source of information about poverty, quality child care and other related issues may be found at: Also, the Coalition on Human Needs ( website is a source of much information on poverty and family needs. This website will give you an idea of what is needed to bring child care and families into alignment with real needs. Agencies in the coalition continue to update each other on work. The press conference on journalism exposing Wisconsin child poverty is delayed until after the election so legislators can be present.

Rural work – The team canvassed the town of Jim Falls in the month of November to hear their concerns and encouraged them to vote. Also developed several new relationships with church leaders including the Dunn County Mission Coalition and the Chippewa Falls Mission Coalition. If you have questions about this project, or if you want to be involved in some way, please reach out to KenHood at [email protected] or, if you know of congregations and leaders looking to start a faith-based conversation on caring for their community, please contact Kari at [email protected].