Volunteer Highlight- Michelle Pride

1. What is your favorite thing about JONAH?  

I like meeting new people, finding out what is important to them, then working together to make our community better for everyone.

2. How did you get involved?

I learned about JONAH from friends at church. I was invited to join the Affordable Housing Task Force because of my connection to Chippewa Valley Street Ministry.

3. What have you all been involved in?

I serve on the Affordable Housing Task Force and represent Spirit Lutheran on the board. I sometimes help edit the newsletter and attend as many trainings and events as possible. I have also spoken at churches about who JONAH is.

4. Why do you stay involved?

This community is important to me. I believe if we work together, we can make a difference, especially for people who have fewer resources or less of a voice in decision-making. The people involved in JONAH are my people!

5. What are you looking forward to?  

Camping and spending time with my family this summer. And another trip to Alaska. I fell in love with Alaska and would love to live there. It’s beautiful in every direction.

6. What are your Hobbies/Activities? 

When I’m not griping about the lack of affordable housing, I love to be outside. I appreciate all of Wisconsin’s seasons. I enjoy kayaking, biking, and camping. I like shoveling snow, but appreciate good neighbors with snowblowers, too. I wish I had more time to read.

7. What local business do you like to support? 

I’m a Kwik Trip addict. I often have a sausage croissant for breakfast and especially like their egg rolls. I like their business model and they are tremendous partners to our food bank, food pantries, and meal programs. I also love The Plus – they have a great kitchen. The District and Valley Burger are other favorites. And I spend way too much time and money at the Pablo Center. Aren’t we lucky to have that here?