Volunteer Highlight: Carol Rudd

I’m a recently retired massage therapist and former respiratory therapist and I was looking for new ways to serve my community. I’m married to my husband Tim, going on 34 years together and we have a fur baby Oscar who keeps us young and lights us up every day.

  1. What is your favorite thing about JONAH? Meeting like minded people who are action oriented and passionate about everything I am.
  2. How did you get involved?  Our church, ULC has been reading many books on  social justice and decided to join Jonah to find opportunities to take action.
  3. What have you all been involved in?  I’ve gone to several task force meetings; social justice, environmental and handed out “No Mow May” signs.  Attended 3 monthly meetings and civil discourse and board meetings.  
  4. Why do you stay involved?  I am passionate about saving our environment and learning ways to communicate effectively with those who may not share my opinions.
  5. What are you looking forward to?  I am looking forward to transforming our yard into a national park and Douglas Tallmay’s presentation.
  6. What are your Hobbies/Activities?  Walking my dog Oscar, playing MahJong with friends, enjoying nature, birdwatching

What local business do you like to support?  I have supported Evolving Wellness (EW), a local non-profit that advocates, educates, and provides health and wellness for community members to: Become Well… Be Well… Stay Well… They have a mind, body, and spirit approach to encourage proactive wellness, education, and provide health services for individuals in our community. We have multiple programs: Safe Haven Teen Center, the Spectrum program as well as Wellness Devices (PEMF & Alpha-stim).